1 hour per week $65

1.5 hours


2 hours $120 2.5 hours


3 hours $168 3.5 hours


4 hours $208 4.5 hours


5 hours $240 5.5 hours


6 hours $264 6.5 hours


7 hours $280 7.5 hours


8 or more hours $320  

Tuition at New World Dance Center is due monthly and charged according to the number of class hours per week per student. Please make all checks payable to NEW WORLD DANCE CENTER. There is a yearly registration fee of $50 per individual and due at time of registration. A late fee of $15 will be charged for any tuition due after the 15th of each month.

Class Cards
Adult students (over 18) are not required to pay monthly tuition but may pay for classes with class cards. Class cards allow students to take 8 classes within a ten week period from time of purchase. Adult students (over 18) may participate in the Pre-Professional Division classes by invitation. Class cards are $145 for 8 classes.

Levels and Placement
Ballet A/B: beginning ballet, ages 4 – 7
Ballet C: beginning ballet, ages 5 – 10 with training
Ballet D/E/F: advanced ballet by invitation

New students must attend a placement class. Please call the studio to schedule with Ms. Lisa.